We send you lovely Christmas greetings from Eldoret

May this time and season remind us again what a wonderful Saviour we have. He being God became a servant so as to save us and give us hope, peace and eternal life. He is the prince of peace! In a world where many are struggling due to unrest, insecurity and terror, many fear for the future. In the light of last weeks attack on innocent people in Berlin, even the Europeans are starting to feel the impact of what is quite common in other parts of the world.

Jesus is still the answer and the “Joy to the World”.

The glad tidings of great joy which is to all people is still the good news (Gospel) today.

What a joy it is for those who have recognized the saviour and made him their own Lord and Master.

Thank You for  being a friend and for backing up what we are doing.

We have really treasured your input this year and we are looking forward to an even more better year 2017.

Have a great new year.