From a Soccer Tournament to Jesus

The Isiolo football tournament, pulled together people from all races and tribes. From far and near, they came to celebrate and raise a banner for peace. Young and energetic Isiolo residents entered Isiolo stadium in style to participate in the Isiolo Peace Festival. They are here to participate in one unique football tournament dubbed “Isiolo peace tournament”

“It has never happened in the history of Isiolo,” one leader said. The teams came from all surrounding villages and within Isiolo township. Momentarily, the teams enjoyed youth mentorship programs within the half time and between the start of each match. Sixteen teams played from Tuesday to Saturday.

One amazing occurence was when two doves came over and sat on the stage just next to the banner with these writings. „ ISIOLO PEACE FESTIVAL“ They left minutes later. What a confirmation by heaven that Isiolo truly needed peace! In the history of the church it is a rare occurence to share one platform with our muslim brothers. This happened! Moha a short form of Mohammed, a great football commentator moved the crowd by his refi ned football commentary.
The town has had a dark history. It is believed that the bullets that were used during Westgate mall terror attack years back were transited through this town. Cattle rustling dog the town. One security offi cer says the town has been „a dangerous one,“ A scar that has taken long to heal. Ev. Peter Franz spoke emphatically on the need to receive Jesus Christ who is the Prince of Peace!
The tournament nurtured friendship and shared God‘s love. The residents of Isiolo were left united than ever before. The Peace Festival became the talk of the town for a while with the residents pleading for such events in the near future. During the Leaders‘
dinner Ev. Peter encouraged the area leadership to participate in building a peaceful Isiolo by bringing all the residents to a knowledge of a higher power, that is God!