The Lord has Risen! Truly, JESUS CHRIST is risen!

What a joy it must have been when this message rang through the streets and into the homes in Jerusalem. They had just witnessed the brutal killing on Calvary Hill. For some, this message was Good News, for others, it wasn’t. At the temple, this was not what the Pharisees and the religious leaders of that time wanted to hear as they embarked on repairing the massive curtain that had torn from top to
Bottom, dividing the public from the Holy of Holies. For some, it was to go back to business as usual.

This message is still the same today.

Imagine for a moment, you are just coming out of a “Duka” shop along the main Turkana Highway to witness two of our other team members in a fight against 5 crooks. Fists are flying, legs kicking and one was already on the ground. The two had arrived a few minutes earlier and had already done their shopping, but while returning to their truck they saw guys working on removing the Taillights. Jackson and Mwangi resisted of course. The situation turned sour as 5 Crooks started to use force. It was the middle of the day and the villagers were watching from afar. Nobody came to the rescue. We later heard that no one had dared to help because these gangsters threaten the villagers day and night. The situation became intense. One thug even drew a knife.

As you can imagine, our four other employees coming out of the Shop were not going to let this go through.
Amiel, Our Berea (Germany) Bible School intern together with Hamisi, the children’s evangelist, tried to appease them at first with nice words. The talking grew stronger and louder, but nothing was of any use. The sleeves became louder, more intense as the violence did not stop. 
Our guys rolled up their sleeves to rescue the totally outnumbered two. Now it was a more balanced fight.  
After 10 minutes had passed, the crooks realized they weren’t going to manage this battle. One by one they left the scene. 
The irony of the story was, that we had just come from a very blessed Gospel Crusade. Sometimes in ministry, the spiritual battle becomes more visible than you anticipate. Spiritual battles often show signs in the physical.

The Gospel meetings in the Turkana town of Katilu had been just amazing! Everyone was thrilled, especially since it was the first meeting of its kind. We were able to acquire an official permit, as Katilu is situated in a totally remote part of the country.  

Every morning we had different seminars, leadership seminars, a women’s event, then “Sunday school teachers” were trained. Every afternoon we had a colourful children’s program which was a special event for the children in Katilu. In the evening’s people made clear decisions for Jesus. It was often almost impossible to close the event later in the evening because the people were so excited and joyous about Jesus. Wonderful miracles happened and people sang and danced into the night while the dust clouds rose over the floodlights into the heavens. 

We were able to baptize 72 people on that Sunday afternoon! 
It was very special for me (Peter) because I was baptized in exactly this same place when I was 17 years old. 
At that time I was one of 204 people to be baptized. I remember well, there too was a special sense of Revival in the air. People sang long into the night back then too. It was nice to meet so many again who had gotten into the water with me 43 years ago. It was like coming home to family.

We thank you for continued prayer and that you have also supported our work in one way or other. It was a blessing and we believe that Katilu and the surrounding area will never stay the same. We are now back in Eldoret, Kenya and have had to do some extensive repairs on our equipment.
The old house on the compound will need some major repairs. We are planning to build a new guest house because the old wooden house (Hermansklause) needs to be torn down and replaced. 


  • Let us keep praying for our world. Especially now that so many people are so badly affected because of COVID.
  • Pray for the still to be reached tribes in South Sudan.
  • Pray for our planned construction work here in Eldoret on the site.

We thank the Lord that we can be so connected with you

Peter and Becki
Josh and Jessi with children and GFI team