Survey into South Sudan

Greetings again! We, Peter and Becky, want to let you know our whereabouts and what is happening in our lives. One of our teams leaves for Naliel, South Sudan tomorrow. Please pray for safe travels as Missionary Mark and his wife Lorna relocate fully back into South Sudan.

Becki and I are doing well. We are in Germany at the moment trying to reach the German communities for Jesus. Eunice Njeri will be joining us. Towards the end of the month, Bishop Alan Muruithi (Pastor Rymns) will also join in on our Evangelistic endeavour. Do pray for us.

Survey into South Sudan
We travelled a whole week on horrendous roads to 3 different people groups. The Toposa tribe are the people we are focusing our efforts right now. About a year ago we started developing a piece of Land there in Naliel to set up a base from where our Kenyan Missionaries can minister from. We had set up a station there with 2 little houses in a 2 Acre piece of land. See the pictures below.  From here we train the community in discipleship. We praise God that we already have 24 fellowships scattered all around in a 16 – 20 Km radius. Toposa Villages are scattered everywhere. There is so much that needs to be done to reach this people group.

We travelled from our Station in Naliel – East all the way to the Ethiopian Border to the Nyangatom People. Here we did meet some Christians and were able to leave a young man there to continue the work. Our team later headed North to collect information on the Njie people (Another huge unreached group). What we saw shocked us. So many villages and regions with no Christian witness what so ever. There is so much that needs to be done.

Crusade in Turkwell (July)
At the moment our teams are preparing for a major Gospel Outreach into the Turkana region of Turkwell. This region is not too far from the Loima Mountains and our Health Center led by Deborah Sirjoosingh and her great team. Our objective is to sensitize the existing churches in reaching out into these still unreached areas. Pray with us at this time as these meetings will cost us around 12 000 USD to do. Below see the Handbill that is right now being distributed in all of Turkana.

A team of 12 people from Switzerland from Burgdorf SPM (Go4It) will be joining us. This team will join our “Service In Missions” program. Every year we give young people a chance to experience Missions in a tangible way. We pray for a cross-pollination among the Nations. Africa has a lot to offer when it comes to trusting the Lord for the impossible. Miracles, signs and wonders are often a huge part of these Outreach meetings. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.


  • The preparations for our next “Peace Celebration” in Turkwel, Turkana
  • Unity among the existing churches and leaders there.
  • The needed finances to do this work into Turkwell and South Sudan.
    We were able to almost complete two of the missionary homes for our Kenyan Missionaries. Each house came to 15 000 USD.     
    Now we still have two further houses to complete, a store and a solar pump. This station in Naliel is a real lighthouse already for this whole unreached region.
  • SIM team and the wonderful Swiss Go4It team. May the Lord give them a powerful time of encounter in Africa.
  • Our daughter Jessica and Josh as they lead the SIM
  • Eunice, Becki, Alan and I as we minister to the people in Lübeck, NeuBrandenburg, Magdeburg, Köln, Berlin and Freudenstadt.
    May many really find their way to Jesus the saviour.

Loving Greetings
Peter and Becki Franz
Jessi, Josh and Valour Rex