Outreach in Lowarenyak

“You need not have any worries”, said the pastors from Lowarenyak to us, “we will all be bringing our guns to the next Gospel meeting”. The chief had said that the meeting could not kick off unless we had over 70 soldiers. But we could also use the “home guards” instead. These are local people that are licensed to be armed for the sake of the protection of the people. Without proper protection from the neighbouring tribe that sporadically comes to just kill and run, we would not be allowed to do our Peace Festival.

In December while we were doing the food outreach in this area, we were having to spend the night in a wooden closure. Our tents were in between the goats, sheep, chickens and ducks. A woman, the owner for the “guest house”, took care of us with her riffle at hand. In the night as the moon was out and you looked over to where she had positioned herself, you could see her silhouette as she was listening to the sounds of the night and holding her gun. We thank God for HIS protection and that we all were able to return from a powerful time of preaching the good news of salvation.

Victoriously we thank God:

  • Jackson, our Technician was able to be flown back to Lowarenyak, Lake Turkana, after only 2 days of being hospitalized at the MediHill Hospital in Eldoret. Unbelievable it was, Jackson was able to be actively involved after all, during the Gospel Crusade. It was a huge miracle! His Doctor (Dr. Jakait) together with two other doctors could not find anything that would lead to the paralysis. After studying the MRI and the CT scans, the doctors came to the conclusion that this must be huge spiritual attack.
  • In this whole ordeal, we really learned to treasure that we have an aircraft. If we would have had to take Jackson out by road it would have taken us approximately 3 days on very rough roads. How grateful we are to God that we can fly. We thank God and Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)
  • The cost of Jacksons treatment came to aprox 100 000 Ksh. But most of all we are thankful to God that he can move normally and that there is no sign of the paralysis. Thank God!
  • During the Gospel meetings we had an extraordinary power surge, where one phase suddenly went into high voltage, blowing some of the equipment that was connected. We thought at one point now the meeting is over. But God gave us grace and we were still able to get good sound over the speaker system after all. Thank God! .
  • Every evening hundreds of people came forward to give their lives to Jesus!
  • People got healed in their bodies and hearts were touched by the power of God. Never had they ever seen such a gathering. Even the children had their part and had so much fun.
  • Young people came for prayer. So many were burdened with addictions primarily to Alkohol. They realized that these addictions ruin their lives and many wanted God to deliver them.
  • So many received a fresh vision for their life and future.
  • We thank God that despite the challenges, we were able to drive our huge truck out of the many dry riverbeds and get the vehicle to the next larger town as we wait for our next Gospel Crusade in Lodwar in April 19 – 23rd. We lost two tyres on the way due to the heat and the rough roads.
  • The whole team made it safely back to Eldoret.

THANK YOU and Request

  • Much thanks for the donations for Food for the Hungry. The drought has been ongoing. There are still many that are hungering in the places we have been.
    We have just bought some more Maise and Beans for Turkana.
    Thank you for your help!
  • Please pray with us for our next Gospel Outreach in Lodwar. May God open the still closed doors. Pray that all that is needed will come in for that. We still need some financial breakthroughs.

Our preparation team will soon be there again. Please stand with us and may we see the Lord’s work accomplished.
Thank you for your prayers.

Together in the work of God in bringing transformation through the love of Jesus to distant peoples.
Peter, Becki and the GFI Team