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Gospel Fire News 3 / 2020

 Main Themes:

  • A running with the police and how God protected me!
  • News from the station in South Sudan
  • Water is life
  • Preaching under attack
  • Christmas projects

Gospel Fire News 2 / 2020

 Main Themes:

  • Versatile “new” trailer
  • Help in times of Corona
  • “Coffee” with Becki & Peter
  • God’s light is spreading! Our South Sudan base is growing
  • Urgent assistance needed

Gospel Fire News 1 / 2020

 Main Themes:

  • 2019 annual report
  • 2019 operational highlights
  • Kireo Crusade

Gospel Fire News 3 / 2019

 Main Themes:

  • Baptisms in South Sudan
  • Primary education in South Sudan
  • South Sudan team update

Gospel Fire News 2 / 2019

 Main Themes:

  • Discipleship work in South Sudan
  • Turkana Food Outreach
  • New 4X4 project
  • Service in Mission Testimonials
  • Family News

Gospel Fire News 1 / 2019

Main Themes:

  • Construction work in South Sudan
  • Evangelism in Northern Uganda
  • News from Josh and Jessie
  • Update from the twins

Gospel Fire News 2 / 2018

Main Themes:

  • Football fever and Gospel joy in Lokichar
  • Testimonials from the technical team
  • Testimonials from the SIM team
  • Our plans for Naliel in South Sudan

Gospel Fire News 1 / 2018

Main Themes:

  • Transformed – Drug Trafficker!
  • Peace Festival at the foot of Mt. Kenya
  • Ultimate search for fresh water in Katiko
  • Responding to physical and spiritual hunger in Northern Kenya

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