Medicine that makes you invisible

The rains have set in and nature in many parts of East Africa is looking more greener than in months.

Warm greetings from us! Thank you for standing with us. Good to be connected with you. Trust you are well.

Medicine that makes you invisible
On day an old Toposa tribesman (mzee) approached Mark, our missionary for south Sudan, and asked if he would be so kind as to also give him some of that secret medicine. Mark asked the old man what he meant by “secret medicine?” The man said that he had watched missionary Mark walk over the hills with no weapon what so ever, not even a gun! “You must have a medicine that makes you invisible. You see this scar on my shoulder,” he said, “I have that from years of carrying this AK 47. Please sir, give me some of that medicine potion so that I too can become invisible when I travel.” Missionary Mark, a Kenyan missionary to the Nyangatom in South Sudan said, “why don’t we just go over there under that shade and I will tell you my secret.” As they sat under the Acacia thorn tree, Mark started to share with him the Gospel and that he serves the living God. Today that “Mzee” is an elder in the newly started church there.

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100 Churches in 5 years
The Lord made it possible for us to purchase an old Magirus Deutz Truck from DIGUNA, Kenya. We plan to use it along the Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya Border. It will help us to set up the base there, as there will be a lot of hauling to do. Small Missionary homes for our 4 Kenyan families will need to be built as well as a fence and two gates. There will be times when cement will need to be collected in Kapoeta, the nearest town about 100 kms away . Also once the station is up and running, there will be the need to carry the Missioners that have been undergoing training in Lodwar, Kenya as they will be helping with church planting and evangelism. The Turkana speak and have a similar culture to the Toposa. It is time to reduce the amount of still totally unreached peoples in this world. This part of S. Sudan still have no church nor christian witness. You can drive 250 kms and not find a single church.

Prayer: God, give us all a holy discontent! There are still so many who have never heard the good news of the Gospel.

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The Toposa are an Animistic people, very similar to the Turkana in Kenya. The content of life there is more of a nomadic lifestyle where they shepherd their goats and camels. Nailel is about 100 km from the border crossing to Kenya. Often when people are sick the witchdoctor is summoned. There are no hospitals, schools or paved roads. Whenever the Gospel is preached in such areas and people respond to the call of salvation, positive change starts to happen. People find purpose, hope and a future. Community projects not only begin with ease but also sustainable development becomes a reality. The Gospel changes the mindset and also reaches deep into the heart.

Where God’s Word is shared and healthy Bible believing fellowships come into existence, this is where people start getting experiencing positive change. Just like in the days of the new Testament – Great joy comes into the city.


  • Please pray for us. There is a big need for finances once again. The last 2 Peace Festivals in West Uganda had drawn so much out of our accounts. We now need to repair our vehicles and get the equipment running well again.
  • Pray for our 4 Kenyan Missionary families (Mark and Lorna Keter, Lydia and Westley Obuya, Julius and Pasquina Magu and Stephen and Margret Chege) as they prepare to move into Naliel with their little ones at the end of the year.
  • Pray for the setting up of the Mission base in Naliel, S. Sudan. May all the funds come together to build this station for Church planting. It will need 30 000 U.S Dollars
  • Pray for the monthly support of each of these wonderful families. Pray that CITAM Kenya will adopt them as their missionaries.
  • Pray that the Churches in East Africa become more mission minded and start sending their people to the Nations.

Thank you for your love and concern. We really appreciate you
Peter und Becki Franz