Lockdown continued

It has been long since we have written to you. So much has happened over the last few weeks. We hope that you are doing fine and that this Chinese Microbe has not caused you too much inconvenience.  

Yesterday our President Uhuru Kenyatta gave a speech and we praise God that the country can continue to slowly come out of the lockdown mode. Everybody was fearing the worst as there were rumours, that because of the rising numbers the counties were all going to be shut down. This would have been detrimental for the country as already the Euro, for example, has in two weeks gone from 117 Ksh to 123.6 Ksh. Also, it would have meant that all travel would have been affected in and out of the country. Being such a mobile ministry, this would have really slowed us down.

South Sudan
After having spent about 4 weeks working on a trailer for our Mercedes Unimog, we finally were able to load all the building materials that we had prepared. Over approximately a 2 month period, our workshop has been very busy buying steel, welding truces, doors, windows and painting it all with red Oxide Primer. This has been an enormous task. Both our Trucks had to be used. All in all, it was about 32 Tons of building material. The vehicles were very heavy.

In Naliel, Eastern Equatorial, South Sudan we are adding 3 more buildings on our station for Discipleship. The one building is an L shaped one with 2 sections of 4 apartment type rooms with a small conference room. Then there is another building that will be used for training.

The rains had made the going really difficult for us and crossing the border was also a huge undertaking. But thank God that everything made it to Naliel and the buildings are quickly going up. A team of 9 Kenyan Team members are working tirelessly to see this amazing project completed.
Missionary Mark Keter and his dear wife Lorna are there and are helping out and giving valuable support. 

Just this morning, we said farewell to the children of our missionaries. Missionary Julius and his wife Pasquilla are bringing them to Naliel. The children had been badly affected by the serious Lockdown and had been separated from their parents since March. Kenya is still keeping the schools closed until January next year, so it was time to get them to Naliel, South Sudan to be with their parents.

Crusade Ministry
At the moment our Gospel Celebrations are on hold. The Covid 19 regulations do not allow us to hold large meetings at this time. We are at the moment working on getting our sound system back into shape and hope that we will soon be able to continue with preaching in the open-air meetings.

The Rexes
Jessica and Josh plan to come to Kenya in the middle of August. They have been gone since August of last year. In the meantime, their twins were born. We all look forward to them coming back to Kenya.


  • Please pray for our team up in Naliel, South Sudan
  • Pray for the building project, that it can be completed fast
  • Pray that our Unimog Truck gets back into shape. Mysteriously our vehicles seem to be breaking down a lot at the moment. The starter motor needed to be replaced, then a rear brake disk broke in 4 pieces. Also lots of punctures.
  • Pray for Grace when we cross over the border back and forth

Peter, Becky and the GFI team