“I can see again!”

“I can see again!” called Ekitela in excitement. “I can’t believe it! I see a white man in front of me and I can see you all too!”, he called into the cheering crowd. The old Turkana man (mzee) was beaming with joy. Ekitela had been completely blind for over a year, but now suddenly his eyes opened and he could see again. JESUS had healed him! He testified how over a year ago everything had grown dark around him. As we were interviewing him on stage, he suddenly turned to Eiton our translator and said: “Boy! Do you ever look black compared to this white man standing next to you”. Everyone cheered for joy having witnessed the power of God in operation.

What! You must be kidding! Do you really want to preach in Kerio? Don’t you know that this area is full of wizards and witchdoctors? Nobody dares go there! There are water spirits from out of Lake Turkana. You guys must be crazy!

When driving into this area, you could literally see that this place needed a spiritual breakthrough. People were intimidated and it was as if it were written all over their faces. Animism (ancestral worship) had kept many in fear. We were able to pray and free a group of young 15-year-old girls, as they had been under the influence of a magic spell. They had been chosen a few months earlier to be part of these many witchdoctor’s harems. Should anyone resist the will of these Wizards, it would mean a terrible curse that would be put on their families. We found many lived in fear. But Jesus was able to free them through the preaching of the Word and prayer. Many were delivered from the satanic powers simply by participating in the worship. The power and presence of God was present.

What was very good was that there were around 15 Pastors and also churches, that were now able to continue discipling the new believers. The realm of darkness, as the Bible describes it, had lost the battle. Our preparation team did a good job prior to the meetings. Mark Keter, Luke Keter and Dan Kariuki showed films at night. They conducted training seminars for Ushers, Councillors and Intercessors. They also met with the Leaders to draft a clear plan on how to keep the people after the meetings were over. Faith needs to be nurtured and encouraged over time.

Dietmar Ruoff from Canada (Germany) also came to assist Jackson, our Sound man and Technical leader in ensuring that we were going to get the best sound out of the system. Our “Service in Mission Team”, this time much smaller than usual, brought in a good international flair into the meetings later. Altogether we were a total of 17 people and everyone knew where to lend a hand.

Since the schools were on vacation, we were better able to organize a football tournament into our program. As a result, every generation was present at our event. The whole town was present at the evening events. God worked in many hearts whether young or old. Everyone received a new fire for God’s cause.

One of our biggest challenges was to drive out of Kerio, (Lake Turkana) with our vehicles after two nights of heavy rains. We all worked hard to get out of the mud. Even though our Magirus Semi-trailer truck has three driving axles and differential locks, the weight and the depth of the mud was most challenging to manoeuver out from. How happy we were, when all vehicles arrived at our base in Eldoret 2 days later. Thank you to the many who prayed for us. I was in contact with many over WhatsApp. If you are not getting my WhatsApp messages and updates and would like to be in contact in this way, please write to us and give us your number. I would love to give you our WhatsApp number and have you join. This has proved to be the fastest way to send prayer requests and victory reports from the Gospel Celebrations or when deep in Unreached People’s country.

Keep praying for Kenya. In many places we had huge amounts of rain. There were even some landslides in the Pokot area that killed and displaced hundreds of people. Many no longer have a home. We are in the process of sending some relief supplies while working with the local churches in Eldoret.

Over Christmas, we (Becki and Peter) will stay in Kenya. This time without family members. It will be very unusual for us. Our children and grandchildren are in Germany and England. Jessica, Josh and Valour are waiting in the UK for the birth of their twins. We will miss them all very much. So things will be quiet with us this time. We hope we can kind of flip the switch off for 2 weeks and treat ourselves to some rest and spiritual refuelling.

We wish you all a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year.
Love, Peter, Becki and team