How best to serve the hurting

My wife Becki left for the UK this week to spend time with our daughter and son in law (Jessica and Josh Rex). They are expecting their first baby and it is always great to have mum around. We have a very close bond with our kids, even though we had been separated some of the time due to boarding school when they were teenagers. We are so grateful to God that it did not harm us. In the contrary, what joy it is to be best friends with our siblings. We count this a big blessing.

Pastor Maina and I just got back from a wonderful time doing preparations for our next “Peace Festivals” in Southwestern Uganda. During our time in the region, we were able to join the 25 year Jubilee of the Kabale P.A.G Central church. This really meant a lot to me, because my mum and dad had spent over 6 of their final years in Uganda there. I was moved to tears often, when hearing the wonderful testimonies of lives that were touched and the legacy they had been left behind. It confirmed to me how worthwhile it is to serve JESUS. The impact, that honest and dedicated ministry had on the people is not to be underestimated.


Some of the now adults shared how they had been given a sound foundation in my mum’s “Saturday Afternoon Children’s hour”. I met people who could not stop telling me all the wonderful stories of how they had been impacted… how dad used to sleep in his car overnight when out and on missions… how he planted and built churches despite the many challenges … Then the many young people they had helped get an education… the many orphans and widows that had received love and attention. The story goes on and on. I was deeply moved to say the least.

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What really touched me was to see Alfons who used to be an orphan that too went through the hands of my parents and today he is happily married to Agnes with son Immanuel and guess what … he is now the Assembly Pastor of the large Kabale church. I sat and got to minister in the church that Dad had built in 1998 and where the whole town had come to see Dad put up the heavy rafters almost all by himself. It was so good to meet Bishop Tumechuche and his great pastoral team. I will include some of the amazing testimonies that I was able to get on my smartphone.

Right now we are preparing to go back into that region. It borders the Congo in the west and Rwanda in the south. Our first town to bring the “Peace Festival” will be in Kanungu from the 21st to the 25th of February. Many people there lost their loved ones in a tragic situation where over 1000 people were burned to death in a genocide. Here many still suffer from the trauma from 17 years ago. Help us go, help us pray.


Then immediately after we head to Kabale where again we will be working with the churches to reach out for JESUS.

This meeting will be from the 1st to the 4th of March. We really cherish your prayer. If you are in the position to support us financially for these Outreaches, that would be fantastic. The Gospel is what transforms communities in a way nothing else can compare.

Working till the master comes

Peter and Becki Franz with GFI team in Kenya