Mission Conferences and Peace Festival

We returned with much excitement and a great sense of accomplishment. Over 300 Pastors and Leaders from different Denominations came together in the P.A.G center in Lodwar. Our focus was the triangle in the far right corner of Turkana County. This is where Kenya, south Sudan and Ethiopia meet.
Everyone participated wholeheartedly as the guest speakers taught and challenged the conference. The meetings were geared to motivate the churches and denominations to reach the still unreached tribes of the 3 nations mentioned. It even became a challenge to stop for our “chai-breaks” (Tea breaks) because everyone was so passionate to know more about the “hows” and “why’s” and the “who is to reach out to the still distant peoples”.

Mark Ketter shared enthusiastically about his 12 year experience on the missions field in South Sudan.
Reaching a completely unreached tribe is one of the greatest privileges anyone can have.
Mark gave us all a real taste of what it means to obey God’s call and purposefully leave many of the comforts behind so as to obey the call. He also talked about the difficult times he and his wife went through and how God gave new strength and helped them out. God never comes too late. In the meantime Mark has trained a good number of indigenous people who can now continue the work. Mark can now move on, knowing that the work will continue and God’s Kingdom will continue to be built. Everyone was touched that a man and his wife from Eldoret and a Kalengin would give up everything to serve God in reaching an unreached tribe.

Pastor Carol taught about having passion and compassion for the lost. Rev. Nyaga spoke about church-growth, how to plant a church and the reason for even having a church. Pastor Andre Harriott and his wife Carline shared on “ The Timothy Initiative” which is a Discipleship program that is geared to seeing multiplication of new church-plants.
In the workshops the groups dealt with interesting questions. There was a lot of discussion, all dealing with how best to reach out to completely unreached tribes to the Gospel. Other topics were on Teamwork. Even the importance of having teamwork in our marriages was emphasised, as man and wife serve God together. We all learned how to effectively share our faith with unbelievers. Then, for 20 minutes we all went out to speak to the people in the streets of Lodwar. The result was that over 80 people gave their lives to Jesus and had expressed that they want to make a commitment to follow Jesus..

The conference caused us all to look at “Missions to the unreached” in a different light and all who attended received a fresh fire for Jesus and HIS great commission.What touched us all was that 32 people expressed their readiness to go into this volatile region to share Christ, build church groups and in turn transform the area in a positive way.

At the same time as the Conference was going on in Lodwar, Kenya, another GFI team were in Lokichoggio preparing for our next Gospel Celebration. Onyango, who is one of our treasured evangelists, ventured deep into unreached country towards Kibish preaching and showing Gospel films. The Region is known to be a high risk area. After one of the film shows Onyango experienced an attack of over 90 Toposa Cattle rustlers.  The region is raked in tribal conflicts. The next morning people were lying dead on the ground. This again proved to us how needy the area is to the Gospel of peace and getting to know the prince of peace. Only when many healthy churches are planted and people find Christ will there ever be a change in heart.

Our Technical Team are now in Lokichoggio at the border to South Sudan and everything is getting set up for the next Gospel Celebration which will be this week (7-11th of September). We are overjoyed to this time be able to use our new generator. God had answered our prayer and had provided for us. Now we can even expand and the work of evangelism will be so much easier.

Thank you for praying for us.

Peter und Rebekka Franz and the GFI team