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To the ends of earth for love in a 40 year old Cessna

There are many who think that most of th word is now reached with the Gospel and most places in the world are easily accessible with commercial airlines and a short taxi ride. There are still however many unreached people living in outlying rural untouched areas. To get to them, we have to use our small 40 year old Cessna airplane and then often, drive off-road many hours and sometimes even days to get access to these people.

In order to reach these people with the Word of God, no distance is too far, no journey too dangerous for the labourers of the Gospel. It is of utmost importance that people in crisis regions, war zones, and those who are completely unreached come into a relationship with the living God. It is this same God who sends His people with great purpose to the ends of the earth.

  • Population (Mio.)

  • Life Expectation (in years)

  • 1 Medical Doctor (Per Inhabitant)

  • HIV-Positiv Infected

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