Gospel Fire International

What we do

Preach the Gospel to see communities transformed

Anyone who has experience African hospitality knows how open and passionate the people of Africa are. This makes it all the more painful to be surrounded by people fighting for survival on a daily basis: fighting against hunger and poverty, political instability and disease. Especially in the poorest areas of Africa, such as in northern Kenya and South Sudan near the Horn of Africa where the majority of the population lives under the poverty line. These circumstances often results in violence, prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, robberies, and theft of livestock and food. Minorities, especially women, are discriminated against and oppressed.  This overwhelming situation desperately cries out for a solution. Without the power and love of God and His intervention, many of the outreaches and ministry endeavours would be just a drop of water in the desert.

However with Him, everything can change. 

  • GFI runs large open air meetings with the local church and leaders, bringing the different denominations together for a common purpose – Jesus.
  • GFI shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ which gives hope and peace to the individuals which in turn transform the community.
  • Through the change in peoples hearts, people will take responsibility for their lives, value one another, peace will be promoted and a long lasting change happens to the community.
  • GFI loves to to see local people empowered.
  • GFI promotes intercultural relationships.
  • GFI gives people a chance to get involved in missions.

Why not partner with GFI?

The Mission work is done through volunteer work and the support comes thorough donations. This is how you can get involved.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

Matthew 28,19