GFI is getting ready for Lokichar

What a joy it was for us to get back to Kenya again. Our staff were happily motivated for the new season of Evangelism. Kenya had gone through great periods of rain in the months of May, June and partly July. We got back beginning July and hit the ground running.

What really made our arrival special was that our daughters, son and son in laws came to visit. Guess what treasures they brought with them … you guessed right – our two little grandchildren Lukas and Valour. What really makes us feel so privileged is that Josh, Jessica and Valour are here to stay.

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At 9. August was a big day for us, Becki and I are celebrating our 32 Wedding Anniversary. We thank God that together we were allowed to be a part of what HE is doing on in Missions.

End of last week we will be having a team of 9 young people joining us from Germany and Swiss. The Service in Mission (SIM) team will join us on our Gospel Celebration in Lokichar, South Turkana in Kenya. They will be with us for almost 3 weeks. The intention is to give foreign young people an opportunity to serve and experience God in a special way.

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Already from Lokichar we hear of the wonderful open air meetings and film shows that are going on every evening in different villages in the surrounding area. Many have responded by committing their lives to the Lord.

Please pray for us. Our Truck team had left  on Friday morning but broke down about 40 kms before their destination Lokichar. The Propellerschaft (Drive Schaft) broke and so the whole convoy came to a still stand. After much searching in trying to locate a spare part, the team had to go all the way to Nairobi. The good news is that they are now on their way back to Eldoret and will be continuing their long trip back tonight at around mid night. Do pray for us. Our cost have skyrocketed. The Schaft alone had cost us over 1000 USD. Evangelism really does come with a price.

Our goal is to primarily target the youth as all the schools are closed and many are home and have lots of time. After each afternoon meeting there will be youth rallys held into the night.

May God give us fruit that remains. The local churches are with us and are getting ready to contain the harvest

God bless you
Peter and Becki