Easter Greetings from Eldoret, Kenya – HE IS RISEN!

Our Lord is risen! What a joy and comfort in the times we are living in to know this is true. Our Lord said, “It is finished” (My work is accomplished). Thank you Jesus!

This historical fact, including all the other elements that prove his Resurrection, are relevant and important for our day today. All of our shortcomings, failures, battles and challenges get another perspective in the light of this truth. He carried our sins on his body at the cross. He was victorious and because HE lives, we can face tomorrow. Our sins can be forgiven. What a joy!!

We wish you all a wonderful Easter season. Sorry, this mail is slightly late, but better late than never. In the last few weeks we have been having some major challenges with our Internet in Eldoret. Today, on Easter Monday the connection was finally back.


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May I share just a few impressions concerning our last Peace Conferences in Southwest Uganda?

Not far from the Ruwenzori Mountains, along the Congo and Rwanda border

The Gospel Crusades had a huge impact in two towns. In Kanungu did a soccer tournament, so as to break the ice in terms of building relationships with the community. Many wrong preconceived Ideas concerning the “Walokole” (born again christians) could be brocken down. People young and old clearly had the chance to hear the Gospel and receive Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. Thank you to Rithar, Jonas (Walliser) and Simon for getting all the teams together and Pertti and Heidi Sunderlund for doing the initial contacts for us.

The impact into this mountainous region was phenomenal. The Lord orchestrated that 2 teams joined us. One team of 9 people from the Salem Church in Helsinki and another 8 young people from the Gospel Tribe in Karlsruhe, Germany. Many schools received ministry as well as the main prison. The teams did Open Air meetings within Kanungu town. It was great to have people from so many different nations. All the young people were highly motivated and the Gospel was shared in power and excitement.

We even were able to fulfill a long desired request of the prisoners in Kanungu. We bought them a satellite-dish and Flatbed screen so that they could know what is happening in the world around them. Many of the programs in Uganda are christian programs, so we were happy to be able to encourage them and those in charge. All the teams (GFI, Gospel Tribe and the Church team from Salem) contributed for this to happen. The joy was great and it gave us an open door to minister in the prison. The way the prisoners praised God really touched our hearts.


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We also experienced the Lord’s mighty provision in terms of good weather. In the Kabale area the rains had set in earlier than expected and it looked like this was going to be a washed our meeting. But the Lord stopped the rains in time for us to do the meetings we needed. Glory to God, we managed to get our heavy vehicles out of the hilly escarpments of Kanungu in time. Our truck team had a huge challenge before them as the roads got softer and muddier by the hour. We thank God that we all got home safely including our equipment and vehicles. God is so good!

Becki and I will be in British Columbia, Canada for 2 important PAOC (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada) Conferences in May. One will be the Annual General Conference and the other the World Missions Retreat. We will also be at Grace Community Church in Surrey on Sunday, the 27th of May. Do pray for our time there.

We are going to be celebrating 20 years GFI in Germany! We will be in Hannover on the 2nd of June. Come join us if you can.

Thank you for standing with us. God bless you!
Peter and Becki Franz