The GFI Team

We are back from a wonderful Gospel Celebration in Lokichoggio, Kenya. The meetings had a big impact. Here some of the highlights we experienced:

Our amazing Team

The preparation team left our base in Eldoret two weeks prior to the meetings, to show the JESUS Movie in places along the South Sudan and Kenya border that had never seen a movie before. The roads turned into stony and thorn filled footpaths, but Onyango and his team of security guards continued to penetrate into unreached area. One night the Turkana village they were staying in got attacked by the neighbouring tribe, the Toposa. Shouts and guns could be heard as the village fought to keep their cattle from being stolen. The next morning the bodies of the Toposa were seen lying around and nobody felt responsible to bury the dead. We thank God that our people were spared. Our people continued their trip in finding villages and towns that had never heard about Jesus.
As the Celebration began, it was great to see how motivated everyone was. Our team made up primarily of 20 Kenyans and a small missions team from Germany were absolute awesome. It was a joy working with everyone. I liked the synergy, the excitement and the commitment everyone brought with them.

Our Technical team were really challenged this time. The roads were extremely rough and a great part of the stretch was dangerous Territory due to the many ambushes and guns in the area. Our team spent 36 hours on the road with almost no breaks due to the volatile situation. On their way the Clutch gave up, meaning more challenges on the road. It was nice to see how much they all had bought into the vision to reach the unreached and the hurting for CHRIST.

What also really impressed us was the unity we saw among the Pastors and Leaders in Lokichoggio. This is not always the case in many towns we have gone. It was a joy to work and to encourage the people on the ground. The churches were edified and the name of the LORD was glorified.

The Harvest

Our young people from Germany (“Service in Mission”) did meetings in schools and ministered on the field. Thousands of Kids came to the daily Children’s Festival. It was a joy to see how excited they all participated.

Many people made a commitment to follow Jesus. It was a joy to see how the shepherds, the business community, the prostitutes and those bound to alcohol come forward. Hearts were touched. Lives were changed.


Pray for our next Food Outreach in Turkana.
Pray for the well we will be drilling in Katiko near Lake Turkana.
Pray for Peter as he ministers in the Word in Germany, Canada and in Finnland.
Pray for the still unreached peoples along the South Sudan, Ethiopia and Northern Kenyan Border.
Take care and God bless you

Peter, Becki and together with the GFI Team.


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