Covid-19 season

Greetings to you with the verse from Genesis, where Joseph is recorded saying to his brothers, “You meant evil against me, but God used it for good.” What a story Joseph is with great implications for our own lives. So many times, things come against us that seem evil- sometimes they are evil- and God is able to use them for good anyway. There is a lot of good that has come out of this Covid 19 situation despite the bad.

We can just imagine how your day looks like in this Covid 19 season.  Most of us are indoors and are waiting this storm out. At the same time, there certainly is so much that we are doing while at home. Besides finding more time to pray and seek the Lord, we also have the opportunity to do preparation for the time when the doors do open again. What really has been wonderful for us, are the excellent zoom conferences with friends and mission leaders.

Curfew and lockdown
We, here in Eldoret, Kenya are not completely under lockdown. At night the Curfew stands from 7.00 pm until in the morning at 5.00 a.m. But during the day we can do certain things like shop or fuel our cars. Yesterday we fuelled all our ministry vehicles and even bought extra Diesel in 200 L Drums. The fuel prices were so low as never before and we felt we need to prepare for the time when the doors open again.

Work in South Sudan
The Lord answered our prayer! We had not heard from our team in Naliel, Eastern Equatorial for over a month. There is almost no phone communication the further you head into this Outback Toposa region, except via Satellite phone. We had people praying from all over the world for Mark and Lorna Keter, Julius Magu and the team they are leading. These Kenyan Missionaries are doing a fantastic job discipling the Toposa villages while using DMM – Discipleship Making Movement. What a joy it was to receive a call from Mark saying that not only was the work in Naliel going well but also they had divided up teams that went to the other tribes as well. One group went to the Njie people, another were showing the JESUS Film among the Murlei and another went all the way to the Ethiopian border to the Nyangatome. Just yesterday we got word of another 3 fellowships that we’re able to be started 100 Kms north of Buma. What a joy to hear. Completely unreached People are getting the good news of Salvation. 

There is a need to drill water wells 
International Aid Services (IAS) are drilling in the area and so we quickly felt we need to utilize their presence. A drilled Water Well costs approximately 10 000 USD. We thank God for one donor in Germany that is paying for one. Help us help these tribal people. 

You can donate by going on this link:

Food Outreach and support for needy pastors
The Pandemic in Africa has really caused many to have to make a choice between staying at home or to go hungry. Many Kenyans dare to go to the market and do their daily business, risking getting infected. For many Pastors, this situation turned into a real challenge as their congregations were no longer allowed to meet and they were not able to do live-streaming. We were able to financially support 50 pastors and families. It was a joy to hear of the impact this had on them. We praise God that Kenya has had very low numbers of people infected. Thousands have been praying 

From our Fish Department
We were able to donate Tilapia again to support a Children-home and also support young people that had gotten stranded due to the Corona Virus shutdown. Many young people in Eldoret were not able to go home and were literally stranded. Our fish project helps people get the needed proteins. 

Gospel Fire International is all about preaching, teaching and reaching out to the unreached people groups, but it also remembers the ones in dire humanitarian need.


  • Pray for Josh and Jessica in the U.K. They are in Exeter with their newly born twins and Valour their 2 year old. Pray that doors open to them. They need a work permit in Kenya.
  • Pray for our Missionaries in Eastern Equatorial, South Sudan. May the Lord open the doors to the hearts of the Unreached People groups there.
  • Pray that the restrictions will be lifted soon and we be able to continue reaching out with the Gospel.
  • Pray for the governments and those in leadership that they receive wisdom
  • Pray for the churches deep in the rural area of Turkana, Kenya. Pastors have not been allowed to meet with their congregations and do not have Internet possibilities.
  • Pray that Africa will not be so much affected by the covid 19 and that all over the world people will get their freedoms back. Let us pray that besides a great revival, things will soon come back to normal again

Yours in Christ
Peter and Becki Franz