Christmas time in Kenya

It is the people around us talking and looking forward to their leave days that give us the realization that Christmas is around the corner. Otherwise almost nothing tells us that Christmas is here. No snow, no special lights and no bells. Never the less, we all know that Christmas is all about our saviour and celebrating him is what we like to do.

He is Emmanuel, the God that is with us. He did not forsake mankind even in the beginning when we forsook him. God walked in the Garden with Adam and Eve, he made clothes for them when they fell in sin. All through scripture we see God with his creation. And when JESUS came  – God Incarnation – that was a major sign how interested and loving he was toward us.

On this note:
How great when people hear the truth of the Word and come to realization that they can individually get right with God and live in a wonderful relationship with him.

Northern Uganda
Our next meetings will be end of January in Yumbe and the Bidi Bidi Camp (Yoyo). We were already able to get our Semi-trailer truck parked off near Yumbe. Pastors have met and we are planning to have two football tournaments in conjunction with the Peace Celebrations. Do pray with us in this. Yumbe and the Refugee Camp are needy areas. The Word of God is known to bring positive change as God’s Values are what keep people living in peace.
Harero, Äthiopien
Last week we had something very special. I had the privilege to evangelize with my two brothersMark and Chris. Also Josh and Jessi with their little Toddler went along. We were about 5 hourssouth in Hodera. Chris has a great team in Ethiopia and does many wonderful meetings there.You can check his website under

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Good news on our Station in Naliel, South Sudan
Our Co-worker and missionaries Mark and Julius are busy building the station in Naliel. Things are really developing nicely. We were able to fence a 2 Acre piece of land, build a nice gate and at the moment 2 of the 4 houses are going up for our Kenyan Missionary families. Also an Airstrip is in the making.

In January we will be heading up to see the progress and also to do a further Survey on the Toposa villages. The goal is 100 church fellowships in 5 years. Do pray and support us in this.

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Jessica and Josh with Valour
We are so excited to have our daughter and her husband with us. At the moment we are looking at getting a work permit for them. They will be staying and working with us. Both have so much Mission experience from both growing up on the mission field. Our Kenyan team are thrilled to have them around. Especially their little Toddler Valour makes life at the base very interesting.


We desire for you all the Lord’s daily presence and leading in the new year 2019. May we all bring much fruit. Fruit that remains and brings more fruit for the Kingdom of God.

In HIS love

Peter and Becki with Josh, Jessica and Valour
Together with the GFI Team