Back from Lokichar

Greetings again! Bwana Asifiwe Sana!

In looking back to our time in Lokichar, Turkana, we are overwhelmed what all we experienced. Here some wonderful testimonies:
Erik Inhumer was born normal approximately 5 years ago, but later on his mother realized that he was suffering from from a problem with his legs. He was not be able to stand because his legs were too weak. Erik used to scurry on the floor on all fours. His legs and hands were calloused where the floor and his body used to connect.
During the last day of the meeting the boy received his healing and could stand. Nobody noticed it as first except his mother who was holding the now standing boy. The boy started to not only stand but also to stamp his feet and try to walk. With the help of the mother holding the one hand on one side and the other hand held by a councillor the boy
started to do his first steps. Soon he was dancing in front of the crowd. The mother, Ann could not hold back her tears of joy. She was happy and so thankful to God.

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Anna, 50 years old had been suffering from leg fracture for almost a year. She was not able to walk properly but with the help of crutches. When prayers were made she held on to her faith and she received her healing. She was so happy to share her testimony. Boldly she testified to all who knew her that she had come to the meeting in excruciating pain but now could run on the platform. Thank You Jesus!

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Eleven year old Violet had had a terrible issue with her throat. It all had started 4 years earlier with pain. Both the mother and Violet went from Hospital to Medical Clinic in search for help.
It all just got worse. It felt like an invisible hand was chocking her. The doctors could find nothing despite all the scans made. They went to many Pastors to seek prayer but nothing improved.
Finally they decided to go the traditional way and sought out 5 Witchdoctors who cheated them of a lot of money and chickens.
The mother confessed to us that she thought there was no hope and the future for Violet looked bleak.
On Saturday night as Violet was standing up front in the crowd suddenly the condition was gone.
She jumped for joy. JESUS had answered her prayer. She was free at last. What a joy it was to see her on the platform
joyfully testifying that now she could live a normal life. Glory to God!

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Also as a team we had experienced miracles upon miracles even before the Peace Conference took place.
David Mwangi, one of our Technical Team members wrote the following things into his diary that we would like to share with you. You will see the heart of our staff reflected in this and also see how the Lord answered their prayer to see this meeting actually kick off.

Huge Challenges that needed a Technical Miracle:

Before a huge victory there usually is a large battle. So it was as we were preparing for the meetings in Lokichar.
Look at these three exhausting days from out of my diary

9th August.

  • 15.00 p.m – We were still tying up loose ends on the vehicles of Samaritan Purse (a partner organization) in our workshop.
  • 16:00 pm – Seeing all the equipment is stowed into the truck and Land Cruiser, so we can have an early start in the morning for Lokichar the next day.
  • 17.00 p.m – Just wanted to move the Semi-trailer into position to leave in the morning. To our dismay, the wheels would not budge due to a leaking control valve. Earlier that  morning everything had worked wonderfully.
  • 17:15 p.m – We started working on the valve that controls the brakes of the truck.
  • 22:45 p.m – Finally, the problem is resolved and we go home. Good that someone had brought us pizza and coffee while working. We finally got the valve to function again. We made it! We can now proceed on our trip in the morning.
  • 10th August
    • 7:20 p.m – The last container doors are closed and everything is ready for departure to Lokichar.
      Turkana in northern Kenya here we come. As a team we are prayed for and we say our goodbyes.
    • 8:20 p.m – We start with truck and Land Cruiser and 6 people. We drive leave the gate in Eldoret.
    • 16:38 pm – A late lunch in a small village restaurant in Kainuk, Turkana
    • 17:19 pm – Departure from Kainuk towards Lokichar. Only 100 km to go. Soon we will be there
      After about 70 kilometres, after driving through the Kalimorok riverbed, we suddenly could not move forward properly without much noise. Our propeller shaft was  worn through. We had to stop. The police told us that where we had broken down was a very dangerous area. Many raids happen here and there was no way we could not stay here. “It’s best to leave the truck here and go.” It was already dark. We tried again to get the truck going again with all the skills and ideas at hand, but unfortunately without success.
    • In our desperation, we hooked the truck onto our the Land Cruiser with a steel cable. Under normal circumstances a complete impossibility. In fact, we now were trying to tow the large semi-trailer. Good nobody was watching because this looked very ridiculous. Hard to believe, but a miracle happened! Someone angels must have been pushing. We towed the truck for about 10 kms to a safer place. We stopped for the night and tried to get some sleep on the roof of the container.
    • 11.30 pm – I lay down on the roof with only a mattress. Could not sleep well because it was very cold and windy and we had no blankets. It was a totally unexpected stop in the vast semi-desert of south Turkana. Some of us even wrapped ourselves up with the mattress.

    11th August

    • 6.00 p.m – I lay down under the truck and together with Jackson began to remove the propeller-shaft.
    • 9:47 p.m – We finally had the part out. The part could not be repaired because the teeth were totally worn out and even would turn in itself.
    • 10.00 a.m – Left the truck and Reuben behind and departed for the long distance to Kitale with the Land Cruiser in search for the spare part. We needed a another propeller-shaft, the old part was useless. But where are we to find it? We prayed that God will give us a miracle.
    • 14:00 p.m – In Kitale we searched everywhere but with no success. On we drove to Eldoret.
      Arrived at 16.00 o’clock in Eldoret and continued our search. Again we were unsuccessful. The part could not be found in Eldoret because Magirus Deutz is not a  well-known brand.
    • 18.30 p.m – Finally at the GFI Base, we had some coffee and a little something to eat. After some discussion with Peter and Becki we all decided that we had to go on to Nairobi another 5 hours to find the spare part there. We pray for preservation.
    • 19.00 p.m – We quickly exchanged cars and departed for Nairobi
    • 23.00 p.m – Arrived in Naivasha, had a quick bit to eat and off to bed.

    12th August

    • 6:00 a.m – Departure from Naivasha to Nairobi
    • 8.45 a.m – Arrived in Nairobi industrial area. As a team of three people,
      we decided to split up into 3 groups to look everywhere for the part. Again no success.
    • 11:23 p.m – Drove to Molongo with the Matatu taxi outside Nairobi.
      The search goes on. Nowhere is there a Propeller Schaft for Magirus Deutz.
    • 17.00 p.m – I met someone who introduced me to a specific person who might be able to help me.
      Tried to reach him, but it was difficult because it was Sunday.
    • 19.30 p.m – I found a guest house, ate something and slept

    13th August

    • 6:00 a.m – Got up and tried to reach the person by phone. Still it did not work.
    • “No connection under this number”
    • 6.45 a.m – Breakfast, I tried to find other places that might have the part.
    • 11.00 a.m – finally reached Mr. Muri. I went home with him to have a look at the Propeller Shaft he had.
    • 13.00 p.m – Found the owner of the Propeller Shaft. He had the right part, but did not want to sell it.
    • 15.00 p.m – After a long conversation back and forth, he was then ready to sell the part for 140 000 Ksh. We needed the part urgently because our truck would not be able to continue without it.
      I bought the part and then we went back to Nairobi.
    • 17.00 p.m – Back in Nairobi I found my 2 other colleges and together we drove back to Eldoret. God, we thank you.
    • 22.00 p.m – We arrived back in Eldoret, exchanged cars and immediately drove on to Kalimorok where our truck was stranded.

    14th of August

    • 3.15 a.m – Arrived at our truck in Kalimorok. we immediately got to work to install the new Propeller Shaft. Started the Truck again. Everything worked perfekt again!
      Immediately drove continued our journey to Lokichar. It was a long night.
    • 4:30 a.m – Arrived in Lokichar. Started with the construction of the sound tower,
      since we had been 3 days delayed.
    • 13:00 p.m – Had breakfast and then continued setting up
    • 16:00 p.m – Had lunch and relaxed a bit
    • 18.00 p.m –  Sound test and the sound was good.

    15th of August

    • The Peace Festival (Conference) started as planned.

           (David Mwangi)

We are so grateful to God for his provision in the last minute. Thank you for praying for us. We are so grateful for the dedicated team members we have at GFI. We have so much to be thankful for. Thank you also for your love and support.

God bless you
Peter and Becki Franz