Back from Canada

It almost feels like a dream that we were just in Canada and were able to meet so many of our precious friends. Peter made a list of all the people we had actually seen and the list filled 2 pages. So many were people that once were on the mission field in East Africa. Unfortunately, we also saw how Mum and Dad’s age group of missionaries and friends are leaving us. But, that is in God’s able hand and is the course of life. We just have to accept that. The beauty is that we will meet again someday in glory.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to so many who accommodated and spoilt us during our stay in Canada. It truly was a sweet fellowship. I was so happy to see, that even though we were 5 people (Josh, Jessi, Valour. Becki and Peter), we never once felt that we were a burden, but we all felt rejuvenated and encouraged. Valour, our little road traveller really went along well with us crazy adults, that seems not to get enough of running around. We as a family enjoyed close fellowship in the car and on hikes in Alberta and British Columbia. Becki and I continued another 3 weeks later in Ontario, which was also such a precious time for us. We preached every weekend in different churches promoting our Lord’s passion for Missions (especially to the still unreached people groups). In Calgary at the Pentecostal World Conference, we set up a booth and talked to people about the still-unfinished task.

Beehive of activity in Kenya
Well, guess what! We are back in Kenya again. Our base in Eldoret is like a beehive with all the activity going on. Our preparation team are already in Kerio, Lake Turkana and have been very busy preparing the ground for the next Gospel Celebration. Gospel movies are being shown every night in the different Turkana villages. Councillors, Ushers and Intercessors are meeting every day for further training and times of prayer. We are told that this region is very dark spiritually as there are many mediums, witchdoctors and sorcerers there. Some politicians will actually drive to Kerio to seek for extra powers for success. We will be there to bring the light of the Gospel that in turn brings real positive transformation to the people.

God is so good. He answers prayer

  • Please do pray for us during this season. We need God’s Divine hedge of protection.
  • We also pray for an open heaven and for long term transformation in the region.
  • Pray again for signs, wonders and miracles. The greatest miracle of course. is when a sinner comes to Christ, he/she receives the gift of Salvation and a long term journey of faith begins.
  • Also pray for Jessi, Josh and Valour in the UK. They will be moving from Liverpool to Exeter beginning December as they wait out the Twins that should be born mid/end January.

May the Lord bless you wherever he has planted you as well.  May His face shine on you and give you his peace. May this Christmas season be one that reminds us of what a wonderful saviour we have. No longer a baby, but King of kings and Lord of Lords. Our coming Redeemer. 

Together in winning others to Jesus
Peter and Becki Franz
Jessi, Josh and Valour Rex