Hungry People Receive Maize and Beans

As the environment gets colder in Europe and North America, things here go the other way. Christmas is around the corner and for us it is the hotter part of the year.

We were glad to get back to Eldoret, Kenya after a great outreach in the Lokitaung area, near the Ethiopian border. For some of our team it meant being three days on the road one way. Turkana is extremely dry. Many people suffer hunger. We thank the Lord that He enabled us to be able to give out 70 Tons of food to the vulnerable and needy. This border region of South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya is such a contrast to your world, where Walmart, Nakumat or Aldi are just around the corner. Here the people struggle to just get the bare necessities.

A handicapped woman sat by the roadside begging. She looked in dire need. Our staff took notice of her and stopped the truck in front of her. They gave her some maise and beans and spoke words of love and encouragement to her. She cried for joy and said, “you are God sent. I have struggled to make ends meet and was at the verge of despair. Thank you for for giving me the food I so much need”. For handicapped people Turkana is a rough place to live. The environment is harsch with much dust and temperatures that rise over 45 degrees Celsius in the shade. Water is a rare commodity and on top of all that comes the element of insecurity. People who are vulnerable are often in a dire situation. Daily our vehicles went from village to village to find the desperate and needy and in some way show them the love of Christ.

n two weeks we showed the JESUS film in 11 places. Small open air meetings were held and food was distributed in over 22 places. The people were so excited. How wonderful when you can distribute physical food, and as well nurture people with God’s spiritual food as well. Of course we worked close with the few local churches in the area. What a joy it was to team up with the leaders in the area for the purpose of meeting the needs of the desperate.

We also met with 16 potential missionaries in Lodwar. These are Turkanas who were impacted at our last Missions Conference in August and have now wanted to make things more concrete. What a joy it was to meet them and see their passion to want to reach out to the distant tribes that still are unreached. Matthew 9 says “Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out harvesters, for the harvest is white and ripe”.

The distance traveled was very far and the roads were terrible. Our Unimog Mercedes Truck broke a coil spring. Our two Land Cruisers took a lot of punishment due to the corrugated road conditions. As a team we enjoyed the harmonious working together. Working together brought us much joy and a great sense of accomplishment.

We thank the Lord for his protecting hand in this risky area.  We also thank you for standing with us in prayer. Thank you to all of you who contributed financially to make this mission possible. Have a wonderful Christmas together as a family and community. As we go into the new year, let us serve JESUS with all that we have got.

God bless you
Peter and Becki Franz
and the GFI Team in Eldoret